Featured Guests coming to the 3rd Annual Khem Comic Book Fest

STEM Storytelling – One Comic Book at a Time
January 22, 2017
Third Annual Khem Comic Book Fest returns to Newark in March!
February 19, 2017

Featured Guests coming to the 3rd Annual Khem Comic Book Fest

The Khem Comic Book Fest is an annual convention founded by comic book creator and educator Naseed Gifted in 2014 that features creators of comics, books, film, and other media with a focus on artists and characters of color. The goal of the event is to use comic books, films and popular culture to develop youth literacy and expression through S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Math). In addition, all proceeds from the Khem Comic Book Fest will go to the Central High School Engineering Academy Program. The event is co-sponsored by PBS Media and Central High School of Newark, NJ. #comics #art #steam #khemfest

Check out some of the featured guests that will be at #Khemfest this year! Tickets are available now! Click the link khemfest.com to purchase!

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Feature Artist of the Week:

MSHINDO KUUMBA is an innovative freelance artist leading the current resurgence of Afrofusturism. He believes “[a] strong positive image of Africans is largely absent from contemporary media. Since my youth I wanted to build a career addressing this discrepancy.” His distinctive style and techniques (which subtly references everything from Jack Kirby to Italian futurists) have garnered him a wide range of clients, including DC, Marvel, Vertical Hold, the NYC Fire And Police Department, and more. He’s also cultivated his own African-American superhero comics, like Jaycen Wise, Ebony Warrior, and Dynasty of the Magi. We are so proud to have MSHINDO join us for the 3rd Annual Khem comic Book Fest this year on March 18th. For more info go to khemfest.com

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