P.B.Soldier – The Saga Continues (Wednesday’s)

P.B.Soldier – The Saga Continues (Wednesday’s)
September 19, 2015
What does the P.B. in P.B.Soldier mean?
September 23, 2015

P.B.Soldier – The Saga Continues (Wednesday’s)

Every Wednesday, we will post a page of our new science fiction graphic novel series P.B.Soldier.
This week we are posting pages from the Episode  2.0 “The New Revolution”
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Remember people stay phocused  and always resist.
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Synopsis: Ten years after the signing of the Patriot Act in 2001, the U.S. government formed alliances with United Kingdom and China later known as the Establishment (the E ) and launched a worldwide campaign against terrorism known as the ‘Terrorist Act of 2011’. Every citizen in the world is assigned a Terror Threat Level.   
P.B.Soldier a lone computer hacker turned assassin discovers how his past & present has a direct impact on his future. Now, he must devise a plan to leave the organization that employs him before becoming its target. 
That’s the premise of the cutting edge Sci-Fi comic series P.B.Soldier as we pull you into the underworld of terrorism.
Transmission ended.

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