In today's ever-changing world, we are confronted with issues that will drastically affect the future of our generation and the generations that follow.
In response to this, one man with humble beginnings, stands up against the opposition. But now he must defeat his own inner demons in order to be beneficial to all humanity.​
Welcome to the world of the P.B.Soldier.


Episode 1$8.99

P.B.Soldier (Nat Cummings) goes out on one of his first mission only to find out that his number one target will become one of greatest allies. If he could only avoid killing her or being killed in the process.

Episode 2.0$4.99

P.B.Soldier (Nat Cummings) goes to Bacua in order to assassinate the new President only to find more trouble than he bargained for.

Episode 0.09$0.99

Jazen makes a decision that will change everything.

Episode 0.01$0.99

Tactical/Surveillance Forces designed to Eradicate Resistance & Rebel Operations and Restore International Safety against Terrorism


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