Who Are We?

We are Phocused Black Star Media (PBS Media).

PBS Media was developed in 2005 as an entertainment studio that works diligently with the members of its creative team to unleash stories and characters across all media including but not limited to film, television, consumer products, home entertainment and interactive games. Our purpose is to design, create & innovate new projects that speak to the level of consciousness for all audiences and and provides the guiding light to push forward through the millennium.

PBS Media business operations are comprised of the development and distribution of our flagship graphic novel series: “P.B.Soldier” and “P.B. Soldier Unlimited” in the form of comic books, graphic novels, web comics, animation, and games.

PBS Media has developed an exciting graphic media for the specific purpose of advancing the company’s mission of raising the consciousness of the community.

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Phocused Storytelling

“Every choice in life either moves you forwards or keeps, you stuck.” This is why we at PBS Media, stay phocused.

We at Phocused Black Star Media want to stay on the cutting edge with our storytelling. Our aim is to provide stories that connect with individual on various levels. As we will continue to develop stories that people think about but never see.

Here’s our story formula: one part breathe taking characters + one part real world scenario + one part history + one part fictional setting + one part exceptional artwork = one great story that can connect with all sorts of people.
With the rise of Superheroes in film, comics, toys and gaming. Our stories are not about superheroes but about ordinary people, if given a little phocus can do extraordinary things.