Blue Steel

Prodigy | Giz | Destiny | LT

​When you shut down the schools and don’t provide recreation. Kids channel their energy into other things. In this case, cyber terrorism. Blue Steel is a group of smart mouthed pre-teens with nothing to do but cause chaos, just to see what they can get away with. They commit high tech crimes to finance their love for high-tech devices and to spy on the Establishment. Their sole mission is to cause havoc in the streets of Renaissance City for their own personal enjoyment. This group is led by Prodigy.

Pr0d1gy (Prodigy)

The Brains of the group is the son of a Bio-Medical Engineer. Who has loved Robotics since he was three years old. This smart-mouthed pre-teen operates a secret lab in his basement and does not bite his tongue for no one but his mother and father.

G1z (Giz)

Is a supreme hacker. No network is safe when he is around. He possess specialized gloves that are programmed to seek and destroy systems.

D35t1ny (Destiny)

Is a sassy intelligent pre-teen who loves to hang out with the boys. But this little mama has some gadgets of her own, so beware. She helps to steer them in the right direction because she believes the group has a greater purpose.


Is the muscle with brains even though he’s 4’9 ½ “. He has the heart of someone who is 6”7”. He wears special glasses that allows him to see through walls. He can also calculate the force and speed to hit someone to knock them smooth out. Little but lethal is what they call him. And he will do anything to protect his fellow Blue Steel members.